Is it necessary to turn off monetization when I buy YouTube views
Is it necessary to turn off monetization when I buy YouTube views

Is it necessary to turn off monetization when I buy YouTube views?

I will just state up front that, in accordance with YouTube’s Terms of Service, purchasing subscribers is not prohibited. Only if you upload videos with content in violation of YouTube’s conditions will YouTube act against your account or video.

Second, a channel with more subscribers will not only appear more interesting, but also more trustworthy. There are several channels that post the same material as you and cover the same topics. However, if you had to pick a channel to subscribe to, chances are good that you will pick the one with the most subscribers. You likely believe that this channel is uploading better content, that it is more trustworthy, that it is more beneficial, and there is a good reason why is it successful.

I have worked with many companies that have given me YouTube followers, but up until this point, the service from get fans has left me feeling the most satisfied. They supply me with a great pricing, insightful responses, and most importantly, actual subscribers. This brings me to my final point: purchasing subscribers should only be a temporary boost for your channel. A solid service can assist you in achieving this aim by giving you the initial push you need to get going and begin to attract an organic flow of users.

Consider this: YouTube is a company, and businesses need to generate revenue. Ads are one of YouTube’s revenue streams. Let us imagine you have two gaming-related channels. The first is commercialised, the second is not. Because it will assist in generating revenue, YouTube will favour the channel that is monetized. Obviously, YouTube will be more interested in the content that will bring in revenue. The algorithm will increase the number of individuals who see the monetized channel. You will receive assistance from YouTube if you do so.


In plain English, monetization means “to make money.” By activating adverts on your posted YouTube videos, you can make money from them. This process is known as YouTube monetisation.

Businesses are prepared to pay to advertise on your videos when your channel is well-liked and consistently receives unique visitors.

Businesses pay YouTube for advertising, and YouTube in turn gives the video owner a portion of that earnings.

This is the process of monetisation.

You must demonstrate your authority and status on YouTube in order to be qualified to monetize your channel. How? by reaching the goals of the YouTube Partner Program’s monetization programme. In effect as of April 2018 are:

  1. 1,000 readers
  2. Watch time of 4,000 hours

Many YouTubers struggle to acquire views on their videos. However, the Sponsored Show platform offers a solution to this issue. Look up the (Sponsored Show) platform on Google.

Whereas with this site, you may obtain distinctive views from actual people, and these views are also 100 percent legal, so you will not run into any issues with YouTube.

Additionally, you can pick the nation from which you wish to receive views. By using this platform, you can quickly meet the income requirements.

For any videos you have already posted, you can disable monetization.

To turn off monetization

Register on YouTube

  1. Then click YouTube Studio, followed by your profile photo.
  2. Click Monetization in the left Menu.
  3. Click Off, followed by Apply, in the “Monetization” box at the top.
  4. Click Save in the top right corner.

In any case, purchasing YT views from can improve your position in the search results. The algorithm feels that your video is more fascinating the more people see it, and as a result, it ranks you higher in the search results!

Really, it’s quite easy. In addition, if you purchase genuine YouTube views made by actual people, you might also gain a few new subscribers if they enjoyed your clip. To avoid falling victim to fraud, be cautious when purchasing views and make sure they come from reliable sources.

According to YouTube’s new policy, they are allowed to display advertising on your channel even if it isn’t being paid for and they get to keep all of the money.

That is what monopolies cause. They may alter and shape policies whatever they choose once they completely control the market.

The option to share ad revenue with you is now available on YouTube.

You have the ability to produce material, and if you post it to YouTube, they might be able to monetize it without having to compensate you.

What can you do in this regard?

Join the game is the only thing I can think of.

Publish material that others enjoy. Join YouTube as a partner. Profit from your channel.

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