How often should i run ads on Twitch
How often should i run ads on Twitch

How often should i run ads on Twitch?

Like most live streaming networks, Twitch provides advertising options for companies looking to promote their products and services. Besides the traditional ad forms like pre-roll videos and banners, Twitch allows advertisers to find and collaborate with Twitch influencers. Despite its popularity among gamers, advertisers often overlook Twitch because they aren’t sure if they really need to or how it works. This article will provide you an overview of Twitch advertising, including how it works, how often ads can be broadcast, and how often you can expect to see them.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that caters to gamers and gaming personalities. Since its start in 2011, the platform has grown exponentially, and as of the third quarter of 2021, it had more than 10.5 million unique broadcasters. In addition to video games, Twitch now hosts live streams of content in a wide range of other genres, including music, cooking, DIY, and more. There’s a wide range of durations for streams, from one minute to more than eight hours.

Although Twitch content may be viewed on any device, the platform’s features do vary depending on the device being used. If you know the name of the stream you want to watch, you may find it by searching for its name and then browsing the categories to see if they match.

You Should Promote on Twitch Because

Among the most popular video-sharing websites, Amazon-owned Twitch boasts a whopping 140 million monthly active users and 15 million daily active users. In the third quarter of 2020, Twitch users viewed 4.7 billion hours of live streaming, representing 72.2% of the market for online video game viewing.

Over half of Twitch users spend more than 20 hours each week watching live streams, and the average daily time spent on the site is close to 95 minutes. Given these numbers, the question isn’t “why advertise regularly on Twitch?” Scheduled mid-rolls have the same effect on pre-roll availability as mid-rolls performed by hand. In order to keep your stream from always starting with a pre-roll advertisement, you should consider scheduling one 90-second commercial every 30 minutes. Statistics aren’t the only thing that add up to regular Twitch advertisements:

Instantaneous Interaction

The ease with which Twitch users may communicate with creators in real time makes the experience feel more personal and makes it more likely that viewers will accept the opinions of Twitch influencers they already know and respect.


The vast majority of Twitch creators are active participants in the community, discussing personal interests and goals with their audience and responding to comments and questions. The fact that Twitch streamers give out so much of their content for free only increases their popularity.

Is There Any Benefit to Promoting Your Twitch Channel?

Promoting your Twitch channel will help more people locate your content, which is the channel’s primary purpose. If you promote your stream more, viewers who are interested in the topic you’re covering will be more likely to stumble onto it. They may also elect to follow you on Twitch if they enjoy what they see while watching your stream. But that’s not all. You can reap additional rewards by advertising your Twitch channel, including the following:

  • Maximize the amount of individuals who follow you online.
  • Get people to visit your site.
  • Products and services on the market
  • Engage sponsors, increase your audience, and multiply your affiliate earnings on Twitch.

How do Twitch advertisements work?

There is a plethora of options for firms to use when promoting their products on Twitch. Twitch offers a wide variety of traditional advertising options in addition to working with influencers and streamers on the network. Third-party targeting, third-party redirection, and fourth-party tags are not allowed in desktop video adverts.

Tips for Successful Twitch Ads

We know you want maximum results from your Twitch ads, and we’re here to help. Streamers on Twitch can incorporate advertising from a range of companies into their shows. Here are some of the greatest ways to promote on Twitch so that you can get off to a running start. You can also take help from for running Twitch ads.

Learn the Different Ad Formats

The numerous types of Twitch advertisements have been described. Having this knowledge will help you choose the best ad kind to reach your goals, thus it’s important to get it before you start generating ads.

Build a Better Ad Campaign

Once you’ve settled on a particular ad format, you’ll need to create a design that really makes people take notice. Here’s everything you need to know to make the best Twitch advertisements:


 Your company’s identity should be reflected in the ad copy. Elements like brand-specific typefaces and colour schemes fall under this category.

Maintain a low-complication level

Do not cram your ads with too much information or too many visuals. You want to stimulate interest and intrigue rather than overwhelm.

Graphical elements and typefaces

You should use legible and interesting fonts and images. Get crisp and clear images.

Alter video footage

You may use a wide variety of excellent, free video editing programmes to create superior commercials. Using animations, voiceovers, filters, transitions, and effects, you can create a compelling Twitch advertising experience.


Before publishing your advertisements on Twitch, you should check how they will look on a variety of devices.

When will we see the next big thing in Twitch ads?

Automatic advertisements that play during streams are currently being tested by Twitch for some users. The creators of these ads will get paid, and their work will air on affiliate and partner channels, but they will have no say over when the ads air. In spite of the fact that picture-in-picture viewing can mitigate the commercials’ negative impact, Twitch streamers still tend to dislike them. It’s important to stress that the ads are in the testing phase and won’t be staying up permanently. However, there is almost no reason to doubt that they will be.

Ads aren’t supposed to play again if the stream has just shown one, so content creators should schedule their breaks carefully to avoid random commercials popping up.

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